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la mode à Paris

Hi Dolls,

It has been a while since my last post - I have been flat out with my studies!

Recently my Mum and Dad came back from a one month stint in Paris and my mum (knowing the girl I am) brought me back a wealth of insider info on what’s hot in the world of fashion in Paris right now!

1. The tutu: one of the most noticeable trends for autumn is full, multilayer skirts with big knits over the top. The skirts, dubbed ‘tutus’ by my Mum, are fun and flirty and remind me of when I was a little girl playing dress-ups at home after school. The more bulk to the skirt the better!

2. Stripes: stripes are a trend that never go out of fashion in Paris.Horizontal and vertical, I love them both! Lolly coloured stripes are bold and beautiful, while blue or black and white stripes are elegant and an essential for any wardrobe!


3. Black and white: simple and chic. I love both the warmth of the first ensemble and the steeliness of the second.

4. Fluorescent accessories: it’s nice to see accents of colour in the colder months. When incorporating fluro into your wardrobe there is a fine line between looking hot and looking like a raver. The trick is to be minimalist with the rest of your outfit, you definitely don’t want to be covered in neon yellow from head-to-toe!

5. Scalloped skirts: made famous by Marilyn Monroe, scalloped skirts have a dreamy, old-Hollywood vibe. I like how the French are mixing the ultra-feminine skirt with a basic tee or leather bomber jacket - giving the whole look a little more edge than your average sweetie-pie!

6. Felt hats: a trend that has already taken off in Australia, the felt hat is both strong and feminine. The following two ladies have a real Mary-Kate Olsen type vibe going on. That kind of hobo-chic look, which I love! In Moderation.

7. Orange: orange is my favourite colour at the moment! It is so vibrant and strong. I particularly like tangerine type hues - it’s just that little bit edgier than red this season! Be careful what colours you combine with it though, you don’t want to risk looking like a pumpkin - especially around Halloween time!

8. Nudes: there is something so dreamy about these muted hues, especially paired with such fair skin. I love the softness to these outfits and the hints of leopard print and fur.

I love the quirkiness to French fashion! It reminds me that life is short and to make the most of it. Play, laugh, dress up! Take pleasure in the small things and take risks! Life is good :)

xxxx Miss B

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